Marco Island guided Kayaking tour

Guided Kayak Tour on Marco Island

Are you up for a once in a lifetime adventure? On our award-winning kayak eco-tour, our biologist and naturalist tour guides will lead you through stunning and twisty mangrove tunnels! We'll search for tree crabs, birds, dolphins, and more while kayaking! Throughout the tour, our guides will take FREE HD Images of you and your family! Your pictures will be sent the same day. It's enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities.

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Marco Island's #1 Kayak Tour

Take after our entertaining biologist and naturalist tour guides into the wonderful mangrove burrows of Marco Island whereas searching for natural life like tree crabs, colossal conch shells, osprey, heron, dolphins and more! You'll learn all around the mangrove trees, the history of Marco Island and all of the natural life that lives here! Everybody gets their own single-seater kayak with a glass holder, comfortable high-back seat and waterproof bags. We also have 2-seater kayaks if you've got little children or appreciate battling together with your life partner. The water is ordinarily midsection profoundsimple to paddle and do not stress... there are no alligators! And best of all... you'll get FREE HD PHOTOS of your visit the same day! What are you holding up for?

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Our kayak tours launch from 1295 Capri Blvd, Naples, FL 34113 - Just 1 mile north of Marco Island and 20 minutes from anywhere in Naples. Reservations Required!

Mangrove Tunnels Kayak Tour:

$55.00 $65.00

Our Kayak eco-tour lasts between 2 - 2.5 Hours.